In this site is presented author's works of Leonid Dreizer, a master on wood. Simultaneously, it is and an exhibition-sale of products: you can call or write the letter and make an order.

The majority of works of the master are unique: executed in one copy, the second part of products is made on author's development. All products have certificates of authenticity, and also a brand of the master.

Buying author's products of the wood, you create a basis of a favorable psychological climate and comfort, and also unity of style in your house.

Every product is filled with the unique harmony, positive energy which allow to feel an emotional condition of the master. Contemplating them, touching them, You each time open for yourselves something new...

Also products of the wood, filled with the elegancy, beauty and originality of the wood, are the refined gift. In fact, doing a gift, You give not simply a thing. You give pleasure, happiness, good mood.

The gift from a natural wood is not only pay to fashion, it is first of all your taste, refinement and a style of your life.